The Bear Brings the Juice. Walter Williams started Grizzly Vapes with just a single Flavor. Nanner Bear. It was a huge success and since then the proprietary mixing technique that made it so great has been applied to an entire line of both premium and top quality low priced e-liquids. Ursimian has them all, and so can you!

The Monkey Has the Gear. Lance started SteamMonkey with the goal of bringing vaping hardware and accessories to the industry at all experience levels from budget beginners to high dollar enthusiasts. Top quality Wick and Wire options processed and the Link system are the first offerings.

Aside from the products that Walter and Lance have brought to the company, Ursimian will also be offering up services to other manufacturers and retailers. From bulk bottling and labeling services for juice manufacturers to product development and production assistance for modders who'd like to take the step into becoming full blown manufacturers. Ursimian will not only help you get your product made, packaged and ready to sell, but we'll provide you with distribution through our existing wholesale clients.